Elucidating the role of 8q24 in colorectal cancer

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rs10505477 polymorphism has been identified to be related to risk of many kinds of cancers, such as colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, and invasive ovarian cancer, and it may be involved in the prognosis of gastric cancer patients who have received platinum-based chemotherapy after surgical treatment.

Gong gene polymorphism, such as rs7837328, rs7014346, rs6983267, play important roles in various cancers including prostate cancer [23], breast cancer, colorectal cancer (CRC), and gastric cancer [22].Two-hundred thirteen healthy controls were from health examination center of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University.All of the subjects were unrelated ethnic Chinese and provided written informed consent.A χ-square test was conducted to evaluate the differences in the distributions of demographic characteristics between lung cancer cases and controls.The goodness-of-fit χ-square test was performed to estimate the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for controls.

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In this study, we genotyped 498 lung cancer patients and 213 healthy control subjects to explore the correlation between the rs10505477 polymorphism and lung cancer risk in a Chinese population.

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